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Are you a creative entrepreneur working to:

  • Build a sustainable, profitable business doing the work you love?

  • Strengthen your existing creative business by taking control of your time and your finances?

  • Take your already successful business to new heights?

Welcome to the Creatives’ Roundtable!


We are an online community of creative business owners focused on making our business a priority. Whether you’ve just launched your first freelance business, are an established solopreneur or have spent years building your small agency, the Creatives’ Roundtable (CR) was created with you in mind. As a member of the Creatives’ Roundtable, you’ll:

  • Participate in monthly accountability meetings
  • Receive invitations to both live and online events
  • Have full access to our private and active CR Facebook Group

With the leadership of your moderator and the support of your peers, you’ll:

  • Define your big picture vision
  • Set measurable and attainable goals
  • Improve your confidence and skills
  • Meet (and most likely exceed!) your revenue goals
  • Navigate tough business situations
  • Share resources and best practices
  • Innovate through brainstorming and collaboration

The Result:

Confidence, courage, and the know-how to keep building, do better business and reach your big business goals.

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Happy Creatives

Having Nancy as a moderator in the Creatives’ Roundtable mastermind is a huge leg up on working out my business goals because she has been there. Her decades of real-world business experience, coupled with her insights, resources, encouragement, and accountability, help me stay on track with my business goals.

—Patrick Sesko

The Creatives’ Roundtable is more than an accountability group — it is a resource that allows for open and honest discussions around business challenges and ideas for growth. Being a part of this group has changed the way I think about my business and has given me the tools and support to expand and thrive.

—Wendy Wood

Nancy’s group sessions have been such an asset to my business. Nancy is ‘in the trenches’ and understands the day-to-day challenges of getting new clients, marketing, and staying on top of your work as a solo. Her experience and advice have given me the motivation to keep moving forward and reach for new goals in my business. Thank you, Nancy!

—Gina Morin

The Creatives' Roundtable is awesome for peer-to-peer feedback, bouncing ideas off of one another, and keeping up with what other freelance designers like me are doing. Nancy is an amazing facilitator and helps breakdown goals into manageable tasks in a fun and supportive environment.

—Jill Anderson

The Creatives’ Roundtable has been an invaluable resource for my business. Nancy is a fantastic moderator, keeping everyone motivated, on-track, and inspired. She’s always willing to lend extra support and is a wealth of knowledge.

—Nadine Noble

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