15+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Creatives

15+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Creatives

It’s less than a few weeks until the holidays, so we are sharing some ideas to give a creative person on your list. These gifts are sure to brighten up the holiday season for that unwrapping them. And maybe bookmark a few to treat yourself if you don’t find them gifted your way.

This is the year to make an effort and support local businesses and artists alike. An artist that strives to inspire the world has THE BEST collectible for 2020. His plate “2020 Well That Happened” tops my wish list this year.

House Industries a designer studio turned publisher, font house, and product developer has an item that has been on my wishlist forever is the Heath Ornament Clock. It is a custom ceramic clock decorated in a House Industries style.

Draplin and Field Notes are different and yet the same. Both began with the design chops of Aaron Draplin. He is constantly creating posters and swag that make me happy, wishing that I could pull off a trucker’s hat with his super cool patches. His foray into publishing small batches of Field Notes notebooks evolved into its own company. Each quarter they produce new looks and themes that keep you wanting for more. I had to stop my annual subscription because I have a stack of unopened notebooks I like to hoard like a dragon and its treasure.

I’d be remiss to not mention my own custom planners, myWeek. A great gift that is good any time of the year. Being undated has some advantages and a planning system that is as unique as you are creative. I also have custom pen-pal letter packs to re-experience the joy of writing and sending a letter. Spread sunshine to those you care about.

UGMONK has built a company made of his passion for clean design.

Kick start your creative blocks with intuiti cards, that propose pointed suggestions, obtained from the analysis of classic tarots, that are a rich collection of archetypes. It has no divination purpose: each card is related to a thinking model that belongs to our culture, a powerful incentive that can put in motion creative and inspirational processes.

Based on illustrations by beloved Pop artist Keith Haring, whose work is represented in MoMA’s collection, this balancing game includes 11 wooden stacking figures.

Asian Woodblock Calendar

Love Pop Cards!

Laser Woodcut Journal

Etch-A-Sketch is great for brain breaks!

Colorful Games from MOMA

Or Macy’s has a fun version of Tic Tac Toe.

What creative isn’t a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright? Check out Crate and Barrel’s Epicurean set.

Looking for fun stocking stuffers? Check out Knock Knock!

Can’t go wrong with some creative maps!

Who thought someone would make a welcome mat creative! Check out the Tile Mat by Letterfolk.

For those who appreciate some spirited motivation, GFDA.co has you covered!

Some of the Creatives Roundtable community members sell some of their own unique products, check them out!

Emma McGoldrick offers a selection of mugs, bags, and more!

Christine Rains has unique illustrations that decorate shirts, bags, masks, and more.

Wendy Wood offers name that tune mugs, as well as prints and phone cases.

And then there are always books, art supplies (pens, colored pencils, etc), and you could be worth an ember mug.

The gift that will keep giving. A membership to Creatives Roundtable. Let those you love know what an impact joining a like-minded creative business can do to develop your business. 

The end of 2020 is our light at the end of the tunnel, and I can’t think of a better way to start a fresh new year than joining the Creatives Roundtable in January 2021. It’s a great opportunity to join a group of creatives in an appropriately socially distanced way.

Written by Crystal Reynolds

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