3 Quick Incredible Content Tips: Organize, Plan + More

Best-Selling New York Times Author, digital marketing expert, and entrepreneur Neil Patel has a blog with 2.3 million monthly visitors.

According to an Inc. article, he “has a streamlined content creation process. He starts by finding topics in his space and content by competitors that have done well. He also religiously uses a content calendar.”

Neil Patel religiously uses a content calendar, and he does for a few reasons. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this week’s 3 Tips.

Tip # 1 – Organization + Delegation

We could all use more organization in our lives (or at least I can). A content calendar gives you a line of sight into what’s coming next so you can plan and organize. And, if you need more time to complete what’s next, you can delegate the job to someone else and stay on track.

In the end, this will save time, keep the content coming and ensure every member of your content creation team knows what they’re doing.

Tip #2 – Planning

Patel says the better you plan your articles (or whatever you’re writing), the better the writing tends to be. He also says that the planning is more important than the content for some. Why?

When you plan, you ensure you:

  • create content most suited to your audience
  • have time for in-depth content your audience needs
  • deliver content to where your audience is

Tip #3 – Accountability

A content calendar gives you deadlines to meet, which is often the kick in the pants people need to get things done (talking about me here for sure).

With everyone on your content team knowing and meeting the deadlines (even if you’re the only one on the team), you will be better suited to reach your goals and keep your audience engaged.

So now you know Neil Patel’s reasons for creating and following a content calendar. Will you heed his advice?

To help, Wendy is creating a free content calendar template. Email her; you’ll get it when it’s ready.

Author: Wendy Jacobson

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