Accountability, No Excuses

5 accountability articles for your creative business

We use accountability to reach goals, to inspire, motivate, and follow a path to grow and expand their businesses. These articles offer great ideas on how accountability can help your business.

1) Creating accountability through your marketing channels

To be taken seriously in your art, you need to be accountable, especially in this post-truth, digital age. You don’t have to be perfect, ugh, no-one wants that, but there’s integrity in being accountable, and that holds a considerable currency. CONTINUE READING

2) How to use External Accountability to achieve your creative goals

How many times have we set a goal and failed to stick to it? Goals like “I’m going to write more” don’t work if they lack a concrete plan for action. Even when you make a concrete plan (“I’m going to spend 20 minutes writing every day”), it can be hard to prioritize time spent promoting your personal joy and satisfaction. The demands of work, chores, family, and friends always supersede. How can you “hold yourself accountable?” CONTINUE READING

3) Which attitude do you bring to your work?

There are 2 ways to approach your work: as order taker (an employee mindset) or as a strategic partner (an entrepreneurial mindset). And it doesn’t really matter who’s signing your paycheck or whether you are actually self-employed. These are your 2 choices. CONTINUE READING

4) 5 Things You Need To Remember About Creative Accountability

Accountability is about encouragement. It’s important to praise people when they succeed. This is especially true of artists. Celebrating wins and noticing the rhythm of accountability when people do well — and vocalizing it — helps build good culture and puts equity in our relationship tanks. This gives us the depth to be able to deal with harder issues as they arise. CONTINUE READING

5) This Common Myth Is Destroying Your Company’s Creativity (Here’s How to Avoid the Trap)

Despite rumors to the contrary, true accountability actually fosters productivity, engagement, and creativity.

True accountability isn’t punitive. It is not something that comes to the fore only when someone makes a mistake. Rather, accountability means focusing on what can be done, rather than what’s out of your control. CONTINUE READING


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