7 Creative Industry Influencers who Educate Followers

The following are creative influencers and educators who actively give to the creative community with honesty and good humor. By following them you gain resources that support strengthening your own creative businesses and pursuits. I’m hoping you feel just as inspired by them as I do. 

Chris Do

His Twitter bio sums up his mission – Loud introvert with a big mission: Teach 1B people how to make a living doing what they love. Chris strives to remove the barriers that keep education from the masses. He offers his following a list of free resources like how to get more work and ten business books every creative should read. He also offers one on one coaching and mentoring services. Follow Chris on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. 

A designer is someone who pays attention to things more than most people


Jacob Cass

Jacob has his own agency that offers his followers the tools for strategic branding and distinctive design. When you join his mailing list you also get access to his free branding briefcase that includes a library of branding and design resources at your disposal. He breaks down the brand identity and makes it digestible for creatives at all levels of their career. Follow Jacob on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. 

Think of the mood board as a way of brainstorming visually.


Josh Spector

With over 25,000 people subscribed to his weekly newsletter Josh teaches his followers the ins and outs of producing, promoting, and profiting from the content you create. He reminds us that we don’t need as many followers as we think to accomplish our goals. Follow Josh on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium

If someone’s not opening your newsletter, they’re not in your audience  —  remove them from your list


Meg Casebolt

In a world of endless URLs Meg teaches her followers how to get their sites seen and to the front page of the internet. She offers a free guide to SEO that makes the learning engaging while easy to follow along. She also offers online courses, workshops, and video training. Follow Meg on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. 

Make sure every piece of content has an SEO purpose & mission by assigning it a clear keyword


Melinda Livsey

Melinda offers guidance on how to build brands that make people smile. Her site features both a Brand Strategy 101 mini-course to break down the essentials of getting started and a Brand Strategy boot camp. Follow Melinda on Twitter, Instagram, Behance, and Youtube. 

Worrying about your confidence means worrying about yourself, and leaving no room to worry about the client.


Terry White

Most of us are familiar with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, but Terry has the expertise to take our knowledge even further. He is a key presenter at major industry shows around the world and has worked with Adobe for over 20 years– making him an Adobe Evangelist. Terry also offers a Photography Masterclass that walks you through the start to finish of getting your images sold and potentially making money off them while you sleep. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube

You have to let the designers know just how important their skill and design sense is


Tina Roth Eisenberg

Seeking a monthly lecture series? Look no further, Tina founded CreativeMornings – the world’s largest face to face creative community. The site is equipped with talks, podcasts, events, and a global directory of creative companies, professionals, and jobs. Tina also sends out unique emails via her design blog, Swiss Miss.  Follow Tina on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

There are so many generous, big-hearted humans out there who give a damn.


Each person listed offers different avenues of expertise but what they all have in common is the means for creative growth. I encourage you to check out these resources and apply them to your craft. 

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