9 Tools I Use Every Day

Do you remember the first time you got a laptop—and you could take it anywhere with you?

Or maybe even the first time you started using your cell phone to take pictures—so convenient, right?!

I love it how tools can transform the way we live and work helping us stay accountable, communicate with clients, work remotely, and more.

When it comes to my work as a WordPress designer and developer, there are online tools I use every single day—and with all of them—I remember that feeling when I first starting using them. Oh my goodness—how have I lived without this?! Life is so much easier now!

If you’re not using these tools, I hope you try them, and I hope you get that same blown-away-feeling that I did (along with ongoing benefit).

Client Onboarding Toolkit

Of course, I couldn’t write a favorite tools list without including my new digital course! The Client Onboarding Toolkit is a simple, 4-step digital course that walks you through my time-tested process for onboarding clients. Designed for creative professionals, it’ll save you time, stress and frustration while making you look like the creative rockstar you are. You’ll turn prospects into paying clients with more clarity, sanity, and confidence than ever before.

Check out the other eight tools I can’t live without: Tools I LOVE, every day.

About Jill Anderson

Hi, I’m Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design, a WordPress designer/developer who partners with talented designers, copywriters, and agencies on their websites, and their client’s sites. Get my free report, Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers, and check out my Client Onboarding Toolkit, a simple 4-step digital course for converting prospects into a paying clients.

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