What does a moderator do?

Simply put, we moderate the online monthly video groups, but we like to call ourselves Experienced Creative Moderators because we have been operating our businesses for some time, are highly creative, and have the level of confidence that energizes and inspires our members.

Our role is to:

  • Dedicate approximately 3 hours per month to their assigned group.
  • Keep in touch during the month to make sure the creative is on-task.
  • Guide the groups’ conversation on a timed agenda.
  • Keep members focused on the tasks at hand.
  • Inspire movement, build confidence, and energize the stagnant.
  • Keep the conversation vibrant and energized.
  • Emphasize accountability by keeping watch of how people are working their goals/tasks.
  • Watch people’s reactions and handle accordingly.
  • Move the conversation beyond reporting and help get into deeper conversations. We’re creatives, keep the conversation creative.
  • We are your cheerleading captain!
  • Prod people along, read into what they are saying to help them drive forward.
  • Encourage and inspire members.
  • Have a vast array of creative, business, entrepreneurial experience(s).
  • We are confident answering questions about growth & strength.