Anatomy of an Awesome Blog Post

So if you…

  • need a gentle push to jump into blogging for your own website’s SEO sake,
  • have lost steam on a blogging campaign,
  • want to help a client out,
  • need to have a great reference for later,

this is a great resource for you. We highly recommend you read it.

Here are some highlights:

  • How to construct a catchy headline.
  • The skinny on images.
  • Tips for stellar body copy.
  • Call to Action ideas and how to use them.
  • Why you should include share and follow buttons.

We really found the techy side information interesting. Did you know you can write the excerpt that will show up in search engines? When someone searches for something relevant that can be found in your blog post, its that short description that accompanies the title. You don’t have to leave that to chance. You can edit it, so that when it appears on Google or part of a Facebook share, it reads as you would like it to read. Just remember, it should be relevant to the actual copy found within your blog post and be about 25 to 30 words – search engines love that.

From pointers on writing the best headlines to bumping up the impact of your images, to tips on amazing body copy, this resource will help you confidently tackle that first, or next, post. Plus, you’ll have a handy reference for every post thereafter.

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