Website Development Marathon

Are you running a sprint or marathon as you develop your website.

The ‘rat race’ used to be all about the commute to work and climbing the corporate ladder.

These days, the race has moved online. And as you know, an online presence has never been more important than it is these days. 

The challenge of developing or updating your website with this ‘race’ mentality can skew your perception of your investment in time and budget. The quicker you want something done, the larger your budget. Whether it’s your own time or funds to hire a professional to get the job done quicker.

Are you sprinting to a specific finish or is this a strategic marathon to determine your path? It can all depend on where you are starting from and the complexity of your business needs. The simpler the need, the quicker the timeline. So it makes sense that the more detailed and complex your site needs to be, the more you will need to pace yourself for the long haul.

Starting from scratch?

This is when a combination of a sprint and marathon-style of development is needed. You need to quickly get the basics. That will allow clients and customers can see your offerings and contact you. You also need to make sure that your strategy has a long game to it. Knowing that you will update and add to the site as you develop your business and offerings.

Updating content?

This would be a set up where your site is built and you need to update photos, messaging or other information. Feel free to sprint through this work. A website is never done. Being able to correct and update as needed is one of the wonderful things about an online presence.

Revamping design or re-starting?

Do you have a site already developed but are looking to move to a newer and look and feel to the design? Whether it’s moving to a different platform, WordPress, Squarespace, or Custom HTML or CSS, the options are endless. You can use the current wireframe and reskin the site with new colors, fonts, and images. Or you can grab the content and strategy to jump ahead.

This process will fall into the marathon category. Plan to set chunks of time aside in the weeks to come to create the new site before you transfer your DNS details.

Do you have a one-off project?

Maybe you have a project that only requires a simple landing page. This type of project can fall into the sprint category. It’s one page after all. You still have to plan, design, and strategize, but you will reach the finish line quicker.

I have yet to meet a creative who has an online presence that isn’t constantly evolving and developing. If you find yourself rushed by the ‘rat race’ mentality, step back and focus on customer service. A slick looking site is nice, but what pays the bills is how well you produce for your clients.

So pace yourself. Schedule in the effort and budget for getting your website developed. Nothing good is ever quickly created. And if you find that you could use some insight and a community to help you as you go, consider signing up with and accountability crew in Creatives Roundtable.

Written by: Crystal Reynolds


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