Join Us for Our Quarterly Boost Your Brand

Boost Your Brand

During this power-packed session, you’ll learn to flip that mindset switch, turbocharge your business growth, and shoot for the stars. We’re talking brainstorming galore – fresh solutions, business hacks, and leaping to heights that’d make a kangaroo jealous.

Here’s How It Works:

  • You will introduce yourself, explain what your company does, and mention one thing you need to get fresh ideas on: troubleshoot, stir the pot, and add some spice.
  • We’ll fire back with clarifying questions.
  • Then it’s showtime. The group brainstorms opportunities you might not have considered before. There is no debate; you do not respond, you just take notes; it is a free-flowing smorgasbord of ideas to feast on.

In case you’re wondering, “What’s this ‘What If Up’ thing?” Well, buckle up because it’s a game-changer. Developed by the genius duo Jenna Gabellini and Eva Gregory, it’s like a rocket for your imagination. We’re not dwelling on the “What if it doesn’t work?” drama – nah, we’re soaring into the land of “What if it does?” It’s all about that positive vibe, baby!

“I was a little nervous because I didn’t know anyone and had never attended anything like it. It was amazing! There was so much value in not only ideas for my own business, but for everyone on the call!Boost Your Brand was one of the best sessions I have ever attended. The group was welcoming, engaged, and supportive. I have so many things I want to try now and so many ideas I would never have come up with on my own. I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of such a creative, inviting, and productive workshop.”

— Nancy B.

Ready to kickstart your business with a bang?

Quarterly Boost Your Brand events: you pay for three + get one for free Weekly Focus Sessions (co-working) LinkedIn Group participation Two 15-minute Ask-Me-Anything sessions with Nancy (~$100 value)$225

add slack membership+$200

add slack plus CR60 events+$375

“If you want to explore new ideas and get the ball rolling, this event is exactly what you need. It is also a fantastic space to practice your critical and creative thinking, as well as your active listening skills. I recommend it to anyone wanting to think outside the box in a judgment-free and creative environment filled with bright and highly skilled professionals.”

— Ozi

“There were so many ideas and insights that I didn’t think of for myself and the other attendees. Hearing the suggestions was enlightening. I received great ideas and garnered good mojo from the responses. I am on my way to boosting my brand to where I need to take it. It was a frenzy of positive energy coming from multiple sources that not only benefited my need directly but also benefited me in one comprehensive discussion as I listened to others disseminate great advice and resources to other attendees. My pen was flying, and I was taking notes. Great mojo and insights all around.” 

— Linda

“I loved Boost Your Brand because I walked away with insights and actionable steps for building my business that I have never received before. Hearing from other entrepreneurs gave me a fresh take on how I can tackle the task at hand!”

— Nicole

“Boost Your Brand was 90 minutes of brainstorming genius! Not only did I gain insights for my specific business challenge, I also received fresh ideas and takeaways from everyone else’s questions. Highly recommend!”

— Wendy

“Engaging in heartfelt conversations and absorbing sincere feedback was the professional guidance my business was seeking.”

— Drea

“Boost Your Brand is a great way to get small business questions answered, plus new insights and ideas. I liked the focus on one question and small group setting.” 

— Lidia 

“Like many solopreneurs, I often let the “business of business” slide. Boost Your Brand fills that gap, and it fills it with the power of an intimate group of smart creatives who come up with fresh ideas that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Now I’m walking away with actionable steps to reach my business goals.” 

— Nicole

“I feel totally energized after attending my first Boost Your Brand event. I believe that I benefitted just as much from hearing about others’ businesses as I did from the help I received for mine.” 

— Remy

“This experience was tightly run and well organized – a perfect platform to gain fresh perspectives and ideas.”

— Randy

“Every session I’ve attended has always delivered a new outlook with fresh ideas. I love Nancy’s programs and will always sign up for her stuff! Thank you, Nancy!”

— Yamilca

“Boost Your Brand roundtable was a pleasant exchange of discussion and ideation amongst professionals, aiming to support each other’s businesses while also building community together. I would recommend this event for those who are looking for feedback on how to grow their individual or small business.”

— Jenny