Combining Print and Web: 5 Tips to Web-enable your Printed Piece

As a WordPress designer, I partner with lots of designers who specialize in print.

When their print pieces need a web component (or when they design a website and need a developer), they call on me.

In the same way print design isn’t my jam—web design isn’t theirs. They are focused on their specialty and don’t want to delve into web design, so our partnership makes sense!

But some designers with a print background prefer to do both.

If that’s you, and you want to web-enable your printed piece, here are some tips that I hope will help:

  1. Say ta-ta to perfect and hello to responsive. Print is a beautiful medium. You can control every last detail, and it’s going to look exactly how you want it to. Web is more fluid. Sure, you can control many details—but you also have to expect some variation. Text will dangle. Font size will vary. Know how to maximize these variables for a seamless user experience.

Check out the rest of the 5 tips in this post, Combining Print and Web: 5 Tips to Web-enable your Printed Piece.

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