What Participants Say About the CR

I joined the Creatives Roundtable at the height of our socially- and professionally distanced times, and it's one of the most supportive professional networks I've ever been a part of. Engaging regularly with this welcoming group helped me level up my skills as a narrative strategist and better address the demands of running a solo business. Membership also enabled me to connect with talented, knowledgeable individuals willing to share their insights during frequent virtual discussions and monthly online events about their work. It's encouraging to know there's a group of fellow creatives who understand your challenges and who continue cheering you on throughout your professional journey.

Genevieve K. Waller
—Genevieve K. Waller

Being a member of the Creatives Roundtable has helped me prioritize what to focus on to grow my business. The monthly small group coaching calls and goal-setting keep me accountable and ensure that I'm getting those things done—step by step. Over the past year, I've learned so much from, and have been so inspired by, the coach and the other members.

Libby Ventura freelance graphic designer, colorado
—Libby Ventura

I have always worked well with accountability, but having a small group coaching setting and a group in which to collaborate and connect has taken it to the next level. The additional CR60 content has been so valuable in taking my work to the next step such as the Trello social media calendar session. The best part is being able to quantify my progress through the months and see how my small steps each month become huge strides when looking back at the overall experience.

Nancy Rhodes, Alternew, freelance shoe designer, NYC
—Nancy Rhodes
Being part of the Creatives Roundtable with Nancy has been an incredible opportunity as a business owner. Each month, I leave our small group coaching sessions feeling inspired and excited about further strengthening my own foundation so that I can provide greater value for my clients.  The community as a whole is authentic and supportive, and really works together to push each member towards success.
Justina Lucas
—Justina Cerra Lucas

Creatives Roundtable has added the missing community and accountability aspect into my company of one. I love being part of a group of creatives that champion each other’s success, help problem-solve when needed, and keep me inspired. On top of that, the monthly meetings and CR events have helped me stay connected through the Pandemic. This group is an invaluable resource that completely worth the investment and time.

— Emma McGoldrick

The Creatives Roundtable is an open and supportive community for creatives. It's a resource where we can ask questions, find support, discuss challenges, and grow our businesses among like-minded entrepreneurs.

—Jeannine Papelino

The Creatives Roundtable has been a game-changer for my business. From the accountability coaching groups that give support, feedback, and referrals, to the scheduled monthly learning events with education built right in… this membership has given me the big-picture thinking and outside perspective, I needed for my business. Creatives Roundtable also provides access to the Slack community of designers in the group. Our fearless leader, Nancy Ruzow, is such a great resource. She keeps a consistent feed of timely, relevant items posted in Slack. For example, joining a LinkedIn “pod” has been very helpful for the engagement and visibility of my posts — and for the group as a whole. If you have been looking for a community with engagement and accountability for your business and haven’t found it, sign up now!

—Jen Leonardson

Creatives Roundtable has been an important part of my business development. From the ongoing small accountability groups to the monthly goal setting and everything in between like the informative workshops and the supportive Slack channel. Nancy has created such a great community where we not only get to learn from her years of experience but also from what everyone brings to the table. I look forward to continuing to grow with the help of this community.

Karla Pámanes
—Karla Pámanes

I really enjoy being a part of the Creatives Roundtable. It definitely contributes to my personal and professional growth. The CR is for me a wonderful community of like-minded professionals who have inspired me to keep growing my skills, knowledge, and business acumen. I appreciate that within the group we can share highs and lows with each other, and each meeting presents an opportunity to learn and make great connections.

reggie holmes
—Reggie Holmes

As an entrepreneur, I spend so much time working in my business that I forget to work on my business. Not only do the small group coaching meetings bring a new, and creative, perspective to my business, but it forces me to improve my business by holding me accountable. I enjoy the energy that everyone brings each month. Also, the bonus events have incredible speakers that I have received so much value from.

Laura Cheek social media marketing, Long Island, NY
—Laura Cheek

Creatives Roundtable is a lifeline. It reminds you that you are not alone by providing invaluable access to support through its community of dedicated designers, who are always open to discussing challenges, sharing resources, and providing encouragement.

Lauren Wickware
—Lauren Wickware

Creatives Roundtable has been an essential part of my growth as a consultant and creative business owner. As part of this supportive community of like-minded individuals, I am able to exchange ideas and converse on creative business topics, as well as personal goals, in an inspiring and enlightening environment. The monthly expert speakers have been an incredible resource, offering valuable insights to help businesses like mine grow. The group has also connected me with other creatives who offer ancillary services such as graphic design, allowing me to focus on what I do best while having access to a reliable network of professionals to support my business needs. Overall, I highly recommend Creatives Roundtable to anyone looking for a transformative community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Vanessa Matthew
—Vanessa Matthews

Accountability and creativity don't sound like they go hand-in-hand, but Nancy ensures the two fit seamlessly together like any great pair – Fred & Ginger, SpongeBob & Patrick, macaroni & cheese. The small groups help you prioritize your goals, provide guidance and resources when dealing with a challenge, and lots of support. The seminars she puts together are fantastic as is the Slack Channel which allows all members to connect and share fabulous insights, ideas, and trends. One of my absolute favorite things about the group is Focus Sessions. A dedicated time where you are on with other members, state what you want to accomplish, and then get it done. As a creative, it's easy to get distracted. I've accomplished so much because of these sessions. Nancy is not only the glue that keeps everything together but is a fabulous resource herself providing insights, tools that have worked for her, connections, and even recipes! Creative accountability. That's what Creatives Roundtable is all about.

Cara Lustik
—Cara Lustik

The Creatives Roundtable is more than an accountability group; it’s a business hub every solopreneur should join. Nancy does an outstanding job running this group. She leads the monthly accountability calls, hosts guest speaker events, runs weekly focus sessions, and tags you on job postings that fit your niche. Nancy is always full of ideas and executes the best ones; you never know what she will introduce next.

Oh, did I mention she also acknowledges birthdays, puts on retreats and has a holiday session focused on client gifting? The list goes on!

But most importantly, I genuinely believe Nancy wants my business to thrive. She offers suggestions, checks in on my business, and responds to my marketing materials — she actually reads my blogs and replies! That’s rare to find these days! She’s available if I have one-off questions, like needing input on my logo or slogan, and it's not limited to me. I’ve seen Nancy share her thoughts on designers’ deliverables when they’re stuck on design elements, colors, or typography. She's always available. I don’t know how she does everything, including running her design business and belonging to multiple associations. She’s an award-winning designer with knowledge and isn’t afraid to share her expertise.

I believe she runs the CR because she cares for creative small businesses. She’s generous with her time and is truly paying it forward, impacting the lives and businesses of many.

Being a member of the CR is invaluable for me since I don’t have the time or resources to explore everything the CR offers on my own. Frankly, I think it's impossible. It’s more than an accountability group; more like a business hub. Who are we kidding? It’s a warm community!

Join today and tell her this testimonial sold you! I’m sure that’ll bring her a smile! 🙂

Yamilca Montanez, storyboard designs NYC
—Yamilca Montanez

I've benefitted for sure being a member of Creatives Roundtable and interacting with a peer group of true professionals growing our careers and businesses in graphic arts, web design and dev, marketing, and copywriting. Everyone is open-minded and eager to share their real-life knowledge and assistance. It's really useful to hear multiple perspectives when we share a challenge and need to solve a problem whether it's technical or customer service oriented. Plus, there's quite a sense of humor among us! Many of us have become friends as well.

—Ginny Hull Hartline

Creatives Roundtable is a great place to connect with other people in the industry and attend educational events that help to improve your business. As a solo entrepreneur, I find the exchange of information very helpful and I’ve met and collaborated with some awesome professionals. If you’re looking to meet like-minded creatives for support, accountability, and ideas for your business, Creatives Roundtable is a fantastic resource.

—Jocelyn Murray

Joining the Creatives Roundtable has been a great experience for me and for my business. The monthly small group accountability calls, led by Nancy, are helpful not only to stay accountable but help you to feel like you are not alone and are part of a community of like-minded folks. The open and collaborative environment she fosters encourages meaningful discussions and ensures that everyone feels involved. With her wealth of experience, she provides invaluable insights and advice, while also actively seeking feedback and input from the group. I'm grateful to be a part of this truly supportive community where we all help each other thrive.

—Lauren Casgren-Tindall

The focus, inspiration, and motivation I get from the Creatives Roundtable have all been vital to my business's growth. It has been invaluable to learn from a group of smart, motivated colleagues working through some of the same challenges I encounter as I develop and expand my own company. I look forward to the monthly small group coaching and am delighted by the variety of different classes and additional programming available. I highly recommend this group!

Rachel Arnold Sager freelance graphic designer, Pittsburgh
—Rachel Arnold Sager

The Creatives Roundtable is more than an accountability group — It’s a community where you build relationships and friendships with fellow independent designers and creatives. The small group coaching sessions are a safe and private space to speak frankly about specific struggles and questions that other open forums and groups tiptoe around. Our coach does a great job covering topics from business development and marketing to the day-to-day of running a business. My business has both grown and become more efficient thanks to being a member of the group. The Creatives Roundtable has all the moral support you get from being employed—minus the office politics!

Cara Capizzi freelance graphic and events designer, Washington, DC
—Cara Capizzi

I really enjoy our monthly small group coaching meetings with our coach and the group. Her style promotes open discussion and keeps everyone involved. With her years of experience, she offers valuable insight and advice but also solicits feedback and input from others. She sets the tone for a collaborative environment where everyone helps each other. I'm thankful to have the support of the Creatives Roundtable throughout the year!

Tara Hoover freelance graphic designer, Pittsburgh, PA
—Tara Hoover

Having Nancy as a coach in the Creatives Roundtable small group coaching is a huge leg up on working out my business goals because she has been there. Her decades of real-world business experience, coupled with her insights, resources, encouragement, and accountability, help me stay on track with my business goals.

Patrick Sesko, freelance graphic designer, Maryland
—Patrick Sesko

The Creatives Roundtable is more than a small accountability coaching group — it is a resource that allows for open and honest discussions around business challenges and ideas for growth. Being a part of this group has changed the way I think about my business and has given me the tools and support to expand and thrive.

Wendy Wood freelance graphic designer San Francisco, CA
—Wendy Wood

If you've been in business for less than 3 years... or more than 10, you'll love working with Nancy Ruzow. I've been in business for over 15 years and have grown exponentially this past year by being a part of her private mentoring group. She's amazing! If you have the opportunity to reserve one of the highly sought-after, coveted small group coaching spots through the Creatives Roundtable, grab it up quickly! Your business will make those milestone goals you've set for it, and you'll probably grow personally as well. Nancy looks young but has over 25 years of experience running her own award-winning design company. She'll shine a light on things that may need more attention in your business, offer invaluable resources to help you be more efficient, and also praise you on even the smallest of wins. So what are you waiting for? Just dive in! You'll be happy you did. It's time your business thrives.

Damien Golden, Graphic Designer
—Damien Golden

Working with the Creatives Roundtable is, dare I say, life-changing. Well, at least it’s business-changing. The small group coaching helps me focus on making my business more successful. Talking with others who are working in the industry is invaluable as we share ideas and processes and insights. Our coach does an outstanding job keeping us on target and on task, which is helpful when you have a bunch of creatives together. More than a business confidant, she also is personally interested in each participant. Working with her has helped me raise the bar for my own business. I’ll always be trying to keep up with her, as I work to grow my own business. Thanks!

—Christine Rains

Being a member of the Creatives Roundtable is a great benefit for a solo creative like myself. I have been in the business for over twenty years and what I have learned is that in order to grow and evolve, you can’t do it in a vacuum. having a community of like-minded creatives who all have their own experiences and insights to share when it comes to owning a creative business is invaluable. What really makes the cake sweeter is having Nancy at the helm as the coach Her years of experience and ability to manage the discussion and flow of the group, as well as her ability to assist us in clarifying our vision so we can reach our goals is really appreciated.

—Crystal Reynolds

I love the freeform format Nancy has initiated for the Creatives Roundtable small group coaching sessions. Though she has more experience than most of us, she always maintains a friendly and approachable tone when offering advice. She is generous with sharing both knowledge and resources. I also find the CR60 monthly educational sessions very useful, as the content is always relevant to growing my business.

Lidia Varesco Racoma freelance graphic and web designer, Chicago
—Lidia Varesco Racoma

What I love most about Nancy, as a woman creative business owner as well as a facilitator of small accountability groups, is her confidence and strength to influence, inspire, and motivate. Being an independent business owner challenges one’s character, can cause self-doubt, and requires a whole new level of self-awareness. Nancy’s leadership abilities, years of experience, and authentic character - makes defining yourself and increasing self-confidence attainable and rewarding. She’s the push that every creative person needs in order to achieve their own personal success.

—Jenny Poff

Belonging to the Creatives Roundtable (CR) has been a complete up-level to my business. Having the support and accountability of fellow industry professionals allows me to jump into business with two feet knowing that I have a crowd behind me ready and willing to help propel me forward. From email check-ins to the monthly hot seats, I know I’m not going to get away with being stagnant. Being a part of the CR has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level every year.

—Cassie Brkich

The Creatives Roundtable helps me to stay focused AND accountable so I actually accomplish my monthly goals. It’s a safe place to share challenges, talk things through, and share ideas.

Paula Mottshaw freelance graphic designer
—Paula Mottshaw

The CR has been a great accountability/support group for me. Sometimes working “on” your business can feel daunting… But with each CR coaching session, I always walk away re-energized and inspired to do the work. The camaraderie of the group is an invaluable resource. And the added workshops have been such a great bonus! Thank you!

Amy Gorrek freelance package and web designer, Norwalk, CT
—Amy Gorrek

Having Nancy (and the group) in my corner has really helped me to keep my head on straight. She has been there in her own experiences and is the "tough love” I need at times, and the cheerleader I need at others. She genuinely wants to see everyone grow and succeed, and it shows. Her + the group is a collective of knowledge and without the small group coaching, I am not sure my agency would have seen the growth it has.

Nick Matarese sport graphic design, Wilmington, DE
—Nick Matarese

Being a part of the Creatives Roundtable for the last 3 years has been integral to the growth of my business. Not only does having accountable peers foster success, but having a group of friends who celebrates each others' accomplishments is a great feeling! Our coach is very supportive of each member, even doing mid-month check-ins to see if we are on track or could use some assistance. Not only do our sessions feature hot topics suggested by members, but we also set aside time to discuss planning that benefits all types of businesses. These subjects can be situations we haven't encountered yet, but we will now be more prepared when they do arise.

—Deb Dulin

The Creatives Roundtable is awesome for peer-to-peer feedback, bouncing ideas off of one another, and keeping up with what other freelance designers like me are doing. Nancy is an amazing facilitator and helps breakdown goals into manageable tasks in a fun and supportive environment.

—Jill Anderson

The Creatives Roundtable has been an invaluable resource for my business. Nancy is a fantastic coach, keeping everyone motivated, on track, and inspired. She’s always willing to lend extra support and is a wealth of knowledge.

Nadine Noble, Document designer, Canada
—Nadine Noble