Do your clients want things NOW?

Even though most of us grew up with pizza delivery, things have seriously changed in the last decade with regards to timing and the need for instant gratification. I’m talking about you Amazon Prime.

Instant gratification is becoming a way of life. Order Starbucks from your phone and it’s ready for you 5 minutes later. Buy a car without leaving your home. Have groceries delivered right to your door within two hours.

How does instant gratification affect us as service providers?

As a WordPress designer and developer, I’m usually the last person to work on a project. Usually, the client has gone through strategy, content, SEO, and possibly design before the project gets delivered to me.

If getting through those stages of the project took longer than expected, the client can definitely have a sense of urgency to speed up the development process.

I understand they are excited to launch their new website, but rushing me doesn’t help.

Hop over to my site and read my tips for conquering the “I need it now!” mentality and how to handle the need for instant gratification. (Hint: I’m still trying to figure it out.)

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