Good Design Takes Time

Good Design Takes Time

“Can you do this project by this afternoon? It’s small and easy.”

“Why is the estimate so high for this? It’s a super quick project.”

“We’ve only budgeted $X for this. I’m sure you can do it quickly and make it work.”

“Can you just whip this up for me?”

“I’m sure this won’t take you more than a few minutes.”

I routinely hear these types of questions and comments from current and potential clients—people who aren’t designers themselves and aren’t likely aware of what is involved in their request. Sometimes they’re right, and a project really is something that can be done on the fly in a matter of minutes. But that’s not always the case, because good design takes time to produce the desired results.

Small design projects can be hard work. Here’s why good design takes time, and what your clients should know about the process: Good Design Takes Time

Written by Amy Weiher

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