How complicated is your “welcome” packet?

How to markup a PDF.

The best way to reach you.

What color t-shirt to wear when you send over files. 🙂

These days, there can be this pressure to define every aspect of how you work with a client … and how you expect them to work with you. I know some designers who do this with gigantic documents with pages and pages (and pages).

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Educating your clients about how to best work with you is important. But there’s a better time to do this as the project progresses (i.e. you’ve actually designed something for them to review).

Your initial “welcome” packet (not very welcoming) isn’t the place.

Imagine being the client on the other side of this?

You’ve just signed on to work with someone, and now they’re sending you a giant document full of restrictions and attempts to define every detail. Yikes. You’re giving them money and they’re giving you a whole bunch of reading to do and regulations to follow (hard work).

I believe the onboarding process really can be welcoming. And simple for everyone involved.

That’s why I created The Client Onboarding Toolkit:
A simple process for clarity, sanity, and confidence for creative professionals.

Read my blog post here: Do your clients really need a “welcome packet”?

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