How does an accountability group help you or your business?

The Creatives Roundtable has been so valuable to my business. Having to show up each month knowing that I need to walk the walk and talk the talk about my progress on the goals I set forth in front of the group the previous month, energizes me in a real way. I do not want to let the group down, but most importantly, I don’t want to let myself or my business down. It holds me accountable while giving me the energy and power, thanks for the great professionals and friends I’ve made in the group, to do what it takes to get the job done. LAURA CHEEK

An accountability group helps my business in so many ways! I do best under deadlines so having the monthly meetings really helps me get things done. Otherwise, I would wait for the lull that I rarely get and my business would sit on the back burner. It also fills the gap of no longer having colleagues. The other group members have become strong parts of my networks and even friends who help me navigate the challenges of running a solo business. I look forward to chances when we get to connect in person at conferences (can’t wait to do those again!). And I have to mention that I found my design twin, Tara Hoover. Not only do our (first) names rhyme but we started our businesses the exact same day. We have similar approaches and personalities to the way we run our businesses as well. It’s so important to have a community that brings both diversity in thought and similarities to be able to look at my business objectively. Taking the time to focus on my business has helped me evaluate and grow it in ways I wouldn’t be able to solely on my own. CARA CAPIZZI

An accountability group helps me by reminding me (in a positive way) to remember to do what I said I was going to do. It’s a monthly check-in with people who are serious professionals but also peers and partners in creativity. It’s great to bounce ideas and questions off of each other. It’s refreshing to have a space to be able to learn from the successes and failures of other creatives in a safe, growth-focused environment. REGGIE HOLMES

Accountability is key to achieving your goals.

Accountability is key to achieving your goals. I really enjoy the feedback and support, not to mention learning new tips and tricks to grow your business, find out about new tools to help you be more efficient, and just get an outside perspective on your work and business. JEN LEONARDSON

The Creatives Roundtable accountability group has really helped me stay on track with personal business goals and improve my workflow. I am also constantly learning new things from the members of the group. It is an invaluable resource. EMMA MCGOLDRICK

An accountability group provides a community of similar-minded creatives who understand the world of design. Their ability to collaborate and share ideas that ultimately improve the industry. Being accountable to a team helps me to keep on track and not lose sight of my own business needs. Reminders to put my work first. CRYSTAL REYNOLDS

Without accountability, I would not get as much accomplished, hands down.

Without accountability, I would not get as much accomplished, hands down. There is something very visceral about speaking your goals out loud to another human being. It gets the goals out of your head and into action. The people in your accountability group can give you ideas about how to better implement your to-do items and break things down into manageable steps. And not wanting to face embarrassment for not accomplishing your goals is a wonderful motivator for action. JILL ANDERSON

Being in an accountability group helps tremendously especially when it’s only me in my business. Having peers at a slack message reach is amazing. There is always new I learn from my accountability groups every week. The support and friendships created with like-minded people is everything to me. KARLA PAMANES

Well of course it helps guide me and, makes me accountable! The shared knowledge is almost more important than the accountability part. I learn so much from my cohorts. CHRISTINE RAINS

Accountability focuses your efforts to grow and or define your business, peer critiques, provide resources — for artists and consultants, SEO, and colleagues NANCY CUTLER

I am THE #1 fan of accountability. I think as business owners most of us assume we’re at the top and we must know everything and if you don’t, you’re failing. It’s just the opposite. It’s lonely with no one above you and some days (or weeks) it’s difficult to keep motivated and moving forward without someone cheering you on. I have accountability calls and emails with several different groups and I believe I wouldn’t be where I am (or where I will be) without them! CASSIE BRKICH

Not only does accountability help me set and achieve goals for my business, but the relationships I’ve made are invaluable. Knowing you have a support system to lean on is a huge deal when you’re working solo. We help each other, we cheer each other on. I can’t imagine not having them in my corner. TARA HOOVER

I’ve been a part of accountability groups for nearly 9 years.

I’ve been a part of accountability groups for nearly 9 years. There’s no doubt in my mind that they have changed the course of my business. The impact has been broad – everything from boosting my confidence, to improving business processes, and countless other skills. While I’m not currently meeting with a group on a monthly basis, I still like to stay in the loop with the community online. It’s a great way to keep a finger on the pulse with upcoming webinars/training, provides quick access to help from others (whether it’s guidance or needing a subcontractor), and perhaps most important for a solopreneur: having a sense of camaraderie. Someone to celebrate (or commiserate) with that understands the business. NADINE NOBLE

Being a solopreneur can be isolating, so it’s incredibly useful to have a place to ask questions to people who do the same thing you do. I often find answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had! LIBBY VENTURA

Belonging to an accountability group and being involved with several professional women’s organizations (e.g., Fly Female Founders, Ellevate) helps me most by having exposure to the great things others are doing. It provides inspiration and helps to broaden my horizons beyond my day-to-day work. CAROL TUITE

Accountability groups are a fantastic way to stay on top of goals!

 I love that the group offers an open and supportive community for creatives. It’s a resource where creatives can ask questions, find support, discuss challenges, and grow their businesses among like-minded entrepreneurs. JEANNINE PAPELINO

I not a big accountability person, as it usually backfires for me. But what I love about groups like CR is that they keep the things that matter to me, the things I want to keep working on in my business, at the fore. I’m able to see others’ ideas and solutions and be reminded to keep engaging in my own way. I also really appreciate the collective resource of a group that is committed to their work and continual growth. JENN COLE

I love being able to ask business or software-related questions that someone in the group will likely know the answer to. It’s so much faster (and more reliable) than Googling. And since I mainly work solo, I like the feeling of having “coworkers” to bounce ideas with. I have also gotten new opportunities and collaborations through the group. LIDIA VARESCO RACOMA

Accountability groups are a fantastic way to stay on top of goals! It’s a great way to get acquainted with other creative professionals—not only to receive advice but also to share your experiences too. I love watching everyone evolve over the years. DEB DULIN

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