riding the uncertainty emotional roller coaster

I’m Over It

Processing our world right now is unique to each of us.

After six weeks of riding the uncertainty emotional roller coaster,  I shed the weight of worry and whining and loving shook myself awake.

I have an opportunity every day to work within the boundaries of the situation. And if there is anything creatives love, it’s a box! The tighter the box, the more creative we can get.

While on a morning walk, I found clarity on what I missed about the world before… and then I got to thinking about what I don’t. Using the butterfly metaphor seemed a perfect way to explain how our human race is currently the caterpillar pushing against the pandemic cocoon of our home sanctuaries. And you know what that means! We can come out of this as an amazing butterfly – flying like we couldn’t before.

I have 4 questions I’d like you to consider:

  1. What do I miss about the old normal?

  2. What are the normalized ideologies, expectations, and material things that I don’t miss at all?

  3. What have I learned or realized from this hibernation that do I love?

  4. How things operate in society is going to alter, so what else can we change without the weight of the mantra, “Well that is how we have always done it.” in your way?

Use this List It Do It worksheet and process where you are both physically, mentally, and emotionally and at the end, find your own inner power for change!

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