Nothing Makes My Ears Perk Up More Than Hearing That Something Will Not Cost Me Money

Complimentary Glass Of Wine? Don’t Mind If I Do! Free Popcorn With That Soda? How Could I Ever Say No!

Posting organically on social media is also monetarily free, though it’ll cost you time and energy. And although social media platforms desperately want us to pay for public attention, we can still embrace new ways to optimize our audience reach without spending a dime.

Let’s go over creative ways to increase post engagement for free, thanks to Social Media Examiner.

One way to increase post engagement would be to create posts with brand-related puzzles or quizzes. They help people remember your brand while stirring up engaging communications in your comments.

You can also introduce a challenge that asks followers to share content relevant to your brand, which you can share on your channels. This strategy will help you create content for your social pages and engage your audience.

Instructional videos can also be used for more social media post engagement. People love to know how to do things of interest to them. You can then use your instructional video to drive people to your website.

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Vanessa Matthew, VCM Strategies

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