No, you don’t have to design websites.

“Are you still a designer — even if you don’t do websites?”

“Can you still consider yourself a designer if you don’t do websites?”

“These days, do you need to design websites if you’re a graphic designer?”

Questions like this come up all the time in my groups and from designers I know. So I thought I’d share my opinion.

Hell yes, you’re still a designer if you don’t do websites!

I’m still a designer, and I don’t do print, annual reports, product design, packaging design or any other kind of design. I don’t even do any other kind of web design—just WordPress.

I’m super-specialized because I LOVE what I do, and you can be too.

We’re all designers.

In my latest post, I share 3 possible directions (including one where you can offer web design services without coding anything): Can you consider yourself a designer if you don’t do websites?

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