Nurture Your Fans

As designers, there are so many little things we do for our clients that may seem small. These are things we might not even think about—they just come naturally. We forget that not every designer goes the extra mile. Do you do things like hand-delivering a project to make sure the print quality turned out okay? Do you send your clients articles and little tips about things that you think might benefit them? Do you work extra hours without charging them to make sure that the project is just right? Doing these little things add up and our clients become our biggest fans. Showing up for our clients on a consistent basis builds trust, and when things go wrong (because they always do eventually), our clients trust we’ll come through and make things right (because we always have in the past).

I always try to do my best for my clients, and I’m lucky enough to have the type of clients that notice that. If you don’t feel this way, think about what you can do to nurture your clients and make them big fans of your business and your work. Go the extra mile and see what a difference it can make. Having clients that value your work, and your time makes doing the work that much more enjoyable. It’s a win for them and you. The following is just a short article about my experience realizing that my clients are my biggest fans. I’ve listed a few things that I’m always conscious of in my business that maybe you can think about as well…maybe you are already doing some of these things or maybe you could just use a refresher on how to nurture your biggest fans—like a rock star!

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About Gina Morin

Gina Morin of Design Intervention provides design strategy & marketing collateral for conscious brands making social & environmental change. Gina believes that it's possible to change the world with design and she brings this understanding and expertise to her clients, enabling them to have a more significant impact on the issues they feel most passionate about in their businesses.

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