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Reaching Your Goal

graphic design, jersey design It’s Tour de France time, which, for my family, means nightly viewing. At first, we watched for the scenery, all those cute little French towns, some amazing bridges (check out the Millau Viaduct!), rivers, cliffs, shorelines, ancient castles, and churches. Then we got to understand the ins and outs of the race and appreciate its history and importance and all the trappings that go along with it. I love the symbolism of the different colored jerseys, green, white, polka dot, and of course the coveted yellow. (My favorite is the polka dot jersey just because I like polka dots, but there’s no way I could conquer the hills to be King of the Mountain.)

But the star of the show is the cyclists. Their sheer physical stamina is impressive, riding day after day up mountains down valleys over hill and dale … honestly, how do they do it?

Well, here’s how they do it, the same way you and I do anything that is difficult and challenging: they set a goal and work at it! Every day. Relentlessly. Doggedly. Unceasingly. Always. Year-round. Most of us don’t have their same degree of dedication (well I don’t anyway!) but we each have goals we can work toward.

SO . . . what goals have you set for your business? Do you have a new marketing direction that requires updated materials? Some potential clients you want to reach out to? An upcoming proposal that needs spiffing up or an update for your business you’d like your readers to know about? Do you need a new annual report to showcase how you’ve already reached your goals? Or maybe you need your own symbolic “jersey” to distinctly represent a new facet of your business or a new offering?

yellow jersey, graphic designLike those dedicated Tour cyclists, working diligently toward your goals will put you on the road to success. So set your sights high up the mountain (maybe get the polka dot jersey?), break away from the pack, and lead the sprint to the finish line.

Oh come on, go for your own yellow jersey!

By Christine Rains

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