Regifting Can Be A Good Thing

When it comes to your content, regifting is posh! 

I’m not talking about repurposing.

I mean re-posting content you previously created and published on your website or social channels even years before—essentially as is.  

If it’s relevant and you still stand behind what you wrote or said, why not? 

This is what I mean by regifting. 🎁

Much of the content we create for educating and marketing our businesses doesn’t get seen, whether because of low traffic to our website, it’s buried a million thumb scrolls deep, you have new subscribers or followers, or the algorithm only showed it to 2 of your 150 followers.

Whatever the case the chances all your people saw it the first time around could be quite low. So share it again!

Repost that social share exactly the same or with a new picture. 

Put a fresh new title card on that video. 

Change the publication date on your blog post so it shows up as most recent in your line-up. 

Resend the link to that podcast episode you did way back. 

I’m talking re-presenting that still-valuable content so new-to-you people can see it and learn.

No worries if some of your people have seen it from you before. Likely:  

A) They have forgotten what you said/wrote.

B) They will be glad for the reminder. 

C) They need to hear it again.

We’re doing this right now with things I’ve written or videoed some time ago. It’s been a great way to unearth some gems without having to fully repackage the content. 

Author, Lisa Mullis, Paraphrase Communications

Lisa regifts a few of her favorite Tiny Tutorials:

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