Resolutions? Yeah, me neither. Remember those New Year’s

It feels like you made them a long time ago, doesn’t it? As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” and even if you did make your 2022 resolutions what seems like a lifetime ago, my hope is you are still on track with them, including those that pertain to your content. 

To keep you focused, let’s explore a few content types and the pros and cons they bring.

If you heard email was dead, that’s not true.

Email marketing was up 94% in volume in 2021 compared to 2020, and it’s forecasted to be up again this year. So, if you heard email was dead, that’s not true.

The good about email is that you can personalize them (ahem) and track how many opens and clicks you get with each. Also, you own your list. 

The not-so-good about email is that you need a list, and you need to build your list consistently.

If email is your thing, keep going one step at a time!

Just as email marketing is far from dead, so too are blogs.

There are plenty of reasons to start and maintain a blog, such as:

  • Blogs help you inform and educate your target market
  • Blogs allow you add new content to your website, which pleases search engines 
  • Blogs provide fodder for your social media channels, emails, podcasts and more

So, those are the good about blogs.

The not-so-good: they require time and consistency. But if you keep at it, you will reap the rewards.

Case studies may be the most under-used content types but one of the most effective.

They are relatable, objective and provide social proof. In addition, they help influence a purchase. 

The downside is they require participation from your customer which can draw out the time it takes to get them done. But, they are so worth it. 

Whatever type of content you are creating, keep at it. I could tell you all sort of trite cliches like, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” but I won’t. 

But I will invite you to reach out if you have any questions. I love your questions and am always happy to answer.  

Written by Wendy Jacobson, Incredible Content

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