rethink marketing

Your business has evolved, how has your marketing changed?

As your business has grown the way that you strategically use your marketing has to grow with it.

Is it time to redo your website, your LinkedIn, your email template, your social media?

With new design trends, technology advances, and changes to your business, you must continually rethink how your marketing materials support your creative business.

Marketing your business is not something you create and let ride. It requires ongoing updates, and periodically needs to be rethought, rewritten, and redesigned.

The changing face of marketing

Your marketing materials are where your customers find critical and relevant information about your business and services. According to the McKinsey & Company article, The changing face of marketing “change is the dominant fact of life in every business today. And the ability to master and exploit change has become one of the most sought-after skills. This is particularly true in marketing, where the very tempo of change is constantly quickening.”

If your business has grown by offering new products or services, your marketing materials — starting with your website — needs to reflect those changes. Without making consistent updates you will be missing out on potential business. Do not risk missing out on valuable search traffic from people who are seeking out services and products that you offer.

Make sure your marketing messaging always lands

According to the Sprout Social article on how to make sure your marketing messaging always lands, “Marketing messaging represents how a brand communicates to its customers and highlights the value of its products. “Messages” refer to not only the actual words and phrases used by a brand in advertising but also feelings and emotions associated with what they say.”

Customer-focused selling. It all beings with accurate listening, asking the right questions, and truly understanding your prospects’ deepest desires.

What are the expectations of your clients and prospects? 

Your website will likely be the initial touchpoint with your brand. Their experience with your website will be a reflection of your service and products. Does your copy speak to their pain points? Is your design modern and technologically up-to-date? These are things, and good SEO are what will attract prospects to you, and give you the edge over your competition.

  1. Make sure to focus your written content
  2. Update your images to reflect the work you want to be doing
  3. Speak with your clients and see if you are on target with them. If so, it is likely you wil be on target with your prospects as well.

So how do you get started?

Speak with one of the members of the Creatives Roundtable to see if they can help you get on track. Most designers and writers, these days, are savvy marketers. It does not take much to start the initial discussion!

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