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Say “yes” to scrolling on a website

Do you ever wonder if your home page—or any page on your website—is too long?

My answer: stop worrying! If you’re designing the website strategically, and speaking clearly to the right audience, a “long” page with relevant information can be exactly what your visitors are looking for!

The whole point of your website is to clearly share who you are, what you do, and why it matters, so that your ideal clients will self-qualify themselves and take the next step. People need information in order to do this. 

Upon landing on your website, we hope your visitor will have an immediate idea that they’re in the right place (based on what’s at the top of the page)—but most people need to know MORE.

I’m not saying we bog them down with anything unnecessary, but content is still king. Hopefully you’ve

You can’t beam vast amounts of information into people’s brains upon first meeting. 

When they land on your website, they can’t immediately know everything they want to — just by seeing the first page.

They can’t be instantly ready to make a decision to work together in just a few sentences. 

This is why scrolling is okay on your website!In my latest post, I share why it’s okay to scroll on a website! 


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