Yamilca Montanez, storyboard designs NYC

Yamilca Montanez

The Creatives Roundtable is more than an accountability group; it’s a business hub every solopreneur should join. Nancy does an outstanding job running this group. She leads the monthly accountability calls, hosts guest speaker events, runs weekly focus sessions, and tags you on job postings that fit your niche. Nancy is always full of ideas and executes the best ones; you never know what she will introduce next.

Oh, did I mention she also acknowledges birthdays, puts on retreats and has a holiday session focused on client gifting? The list goes on!

But most importantly, I genuinely believe Nancy wants my business to thrive. She offers suggestions, checks in on my business, and responds to my marketing materials — she actually reads my blogs and replies! That’s rare to find these days! She’s available if I have one-off questions, like needing input on my logo or slogan, and it’s not limited to me. I’ve seen Nancy share her thoughts on designers’ deliverables when they’re stuck on design elements, colors, or typography. She’s always available. I don’t know how she does everything, including running her design business and belonging to multiple associations. She’s an award-winning designer with knowledge and isn’t afraid to share her expertise.

I believe she runs the CR because she cares for creative small businesses. She’s generous with her time and is truly paying it forward, impacting the lives and businesses of many.

Being a member of the CR is invaluable for me since I don’t have the time or resources to explore everything the CR offers on my own. Frankly, I think it’s impossible. It’s more than an accountability group; more like a business hub. Who are we kidding? It’s a warm community!

Join today and tell her this testimonial sold you! I’m sure that’ll bring her a smile! 🙂