Quit Multitasking

When I first started my business, I didn’t know where to focus my time. There were so many to-dos on my list and I was uncertain what order to do them in or which ones would have the most impact. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as an entrepreneur. Our long to-do lists along with the increased complexity of modern life can make you feel in over your head. 

When we have too many demands on our thinking over an extended period of time, cognitive fatigue happens, making our thinking less agile. And the impact of feeling perpetually overwhelmed can lead to forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating or it can result in a racing mind and impaired ability to problem solve.

As an entrepreneur with a neverending to-do list, I’ve found a handful of strategies to deal with overwhelm. I wanted to share my top favorites with you.

My Top 3 Favorites:

  1. Pinpoint the primary source of overwhelm

What one or two things, if taken off your plate, could alleviate 80% of the stress that you feel right now? Can you break tasks down into bite-sized chunks and do one small step now? Can you delegate one of the small tasks?

  1. Stop multitasking & set boundaries

Do you time-block your day? Set the amount of time you want to spend on a task, finish working at a certain time, and say no to things that are not serving you. When you time-block, turn off distractions and allow yourself to focus on just that one task. When I first started my business, I used to multitask all the time and then I learned it is actually scientifically proven to be less efficient. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking hurts your productivity by reducing your concentration, comprehension, and overall performance.

  1. Take a break & go for a walk (This is one of my favorites!)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it may feel like you don’t have the time, but taking a break and going for a walk can clear your mind. You will make better decisions and have an increased ability to focus once you’ve cleared your head. Exercising also releases endorphins in the brain, which helps improve your mood.

Taking control of your emotions and combating overwhelm is important for you and the success of your business. If you already do these but are still feeling overwhelmed, check out all 7 ways to stop feeling overwhelmed!

Author, Lauren Casgren-Tindall
Owner of Crème de Mint

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