Tools and Strategies for Life as a Remote Worker

Many people think of “freelancers” as people who work in their pajamas, barely changing clothes, or working from the kitchen table, or a coffee shop. And while this might hold true for a select few, as a remote designer for many years now, I don’t embrace the “freelance is funky” perception.

Like a Boss

My design business is just that — a business. And one where I support my clients and other marketing agencies who need a reliable, extremely creative, thinking designer. As a remote designer, I like to think of myself as part of your distributed team, or team that appears occasionally in person (but mostly I work out of my dedicated home office or WeWork in NYC).

But with all the news in the past weeks about Coronavirus, many people who aren’t used to working remotely or working with those who work remotely are being forced to adapt quickly to this temporary new normal.

So I thought I would share some strategies and tools that make my remote working experience highly productive, more engaged, provides me with a better work/life balance, and gives me a greater overall quality of work.

Tools for Remote Collaboration

Remote work can feel isolating (which is why I hop into WeWork once or twice a week). In order to stay connected, I rely on digital communications and team/project management tools: CONTINUE READING

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