Top 8 Podcasts for Creatives

Being someone who is either in my car or commuting by train, I have come to rely on listening to great podcasts to learn more about creative business from others. I host and moderate the Creatives Roundtable accountability groups and find that the information that I get from these podcasts helps our members across the US and Canada.

I could not choose a favorite, so I am giving thoughts in alphabetical order. The podcast names are linked.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

OMG who gets better people to be on her podcast than Debbie Millman? Did you know that this podcast was the first-ever about design? The interviews are wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought. My absolute favorite is the one with Matteo Bologna. 

The Futur with Chris Do

If you are a designer and do not know Chris Do you must be living under a rock. Chris is straightforward, a great marketer of creative services, and genuinely helps those who listen. Chris advocates for ways in which creativity can drive business. And, if you need more Chris – go to YouTube.

Get Back to Design

It was a sad day when I learned that Kory Woodard and Krista Rae would no longer be producing Get Back to Design. The good news is that all of that goodness is still in podcastville – and you can listen! Their tips and tricks help you streamline and grow your business, ditch the code (and anything else you don’t love), and spend more time on design. 

The Logo Geek

Ian Paget is a down to earth host who dives deep interviewing successful graphic designers and entrepreneurs around the world so we can learn from their experiences. Favorite episodes of mine are: Louise Fili, Alina Wheeler, Michael Janda, Ruth Kedar, and Emily Cohen.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy shares so much valuable content that leaves you wanting more Amy! The tips are practical and deliver great value for your time and your business. Sometimes she is selling her courses, but hey – why not? 

Marketing Mentor Podcast

Full disclosure, Ilise Benun is my marketing mentor. I participate in her small group coaching and it helps strengthen my business. On the podcast, she interviews her clients and other successful creative professionals about what’s working when it comes to the latest marketing tools and pricing strategies. Ilise’s conversational style is friendly and engaging as she presses her guests to reveal the details you don’t hear anywhere else about exactly how they market their business and the results they get. I also recommend you sign up for her Quick Tips marketing-mentortips.com

Marketing School 

I tend to land on Neil Patel’s website often to get SEO info on my site and competitors. This podcast with Eric Siu has tips, tactics, and more. Their 10 minutes of actionable marketing advice episodes are addicting. I dare you to stop listening!

Strategy Hour

Hosts Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams give actionable strategies and marketing tips to grow your creative business. They do in-depth interviews with industry experts covering a wide range of topics such as: growing an online audience, outsourcing, social media, diversifying, and more.


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