What is Your “Why”?

Why do you do what you do? That’s the big question, right? As designers, we love design! Maybe you loved to draw as a kid, and you were really good at it, and a career in design made sense. Maybe you fell into it because the job you took required some design skills and you are self-taught. Loving design isn’t hard. What design nerd doesn’t love color, typography, seeing our work online or in print? It’s a career many are envious of. But WHY do you do it? Why do you have your own business? What keeps you showing up day after day? For me, it’s about making a difference. I believe design has the power to influence change. My passion is working with brands that are making environmental and social change. Design can influence a buyer, a donor, a customer, and knowing that I can help elevate how a business is perceived because of the design services and marketing advice I offer, is WHY I do what I do.

Are you feeling stuck in your business? Ask yourself what would make you feel passionate about your work again. What kind of work gets you excited? For some designers, they love doing a specific type of work—logos, websites, newsletters. For others, it’s the type of client that drives their passion—non-profits, working with women-owned businesses or a specific industry you have a personal connection with. The article that follows is a result of what I learned from watching a TED Talk titled, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” by Simon Sinek. If you want to be inspired, check out the video as well. Ask yourself those hard questions and figure out your “WHY” and continue to build on that passion every day.

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About Gina Morin

Gina Morin of Design Intervention provides design strategy & marketing collateral for conscious brands making social & environmental change. Gina believes that it's possible to change the world with design and she brings this understanding and expertise to her clients, enabling them to have a more significant impact on the issues they feel most passionate about in their businesses.

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