How accountability can help you get things done in your business

If you’re like most of the smart, talented, creative people I know, you’ve got a list a mile long on what you should do to promote your business. Website updates — definitely need to do that! Social media posts — so many ideas, so little time! Following up on LinkedIn, emails, proposals that are outstanding… the list goes on and on!

Maybe you’ve been thinking about kicking off a new project or have been dreaming of a downloadable to bring you some “passive income”.

You’re not alone. 

Most small creative business owners have little to no help to get their tasks done. And, they stall often because client work is calling. 

Are you stuck?

If you want a place to get unstuck, if you need to be around people who are committed to taking action, consider taking the first step towards your own business accountability. 

The Creatives Roundtable is an open and supportive community for creatives. It’s a resource where we can ask questions, find support, discuss challenges, and grow our businesses among like-minded entrepreneurs. — Jeannine Papelino

The Creatives Roundtable accountability group has a waiting list at this time, but the Slack group is a great place to get started. You will get

  1. A virtual community with ongoing conversations with other creatives, you can reach out to collaborate with other designers, writers, developers, brand strategists, and marketing mavens 
  2. 2 monthly online events: Mid-month check-in where you talk about anything work-related, and the CR Happy Hour where you talk about anything going on in your creative life!
  3. 50% off of our monthly special events: monthly speakers who are experts in industries that are beneficial to your business (ex: Copyrights and Trademarks, Canva for Creative Cloud Users, Profit FirstTM, Content Marketing, LinkedIn, Case Studies)
  4. Daily Interaction: participate in a very active slack group to exchange ideas and converse on creative business topics, business topics, and personal goals — building relationships
  5. Community: you will find yourself welcome among your peers to cheer you on, attend events with you, and be there when you need answers
  6. Small for a reason: we like to know one another, and keeping the membership numbers down is a great way to be seen and heard

The focus, inspiration, and motivation I get from the Creatives Roundtable have all been vital to my business’s growth. It has been invaluable to learn from a group of smart, motivated colleagues working through some of the same challenges I encounter as I develop and expand my own company. — Rachel Arnold Sager

Come for the encouragement, connection, and community. 

Help get your focus back, while you master your creative business through accountability and community. If you would like to try a Happy Hour or get an inside look at our mid-month check-ins. Fill out the contact form to get started!

Nancy Ruzow

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