“Word of Mouth” Isn’t What You Think…

Are your clients a perfect “match” for you?

The results are in from our “It’s A Match” quiz, and over 60% of respondents prefer clients who are “Artistic Alchemists”:

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Artistic Alchemists are clients who value innovation and want you to bring your creativity, your fresh ideas and your energy into projects. They’re also less buttoned-up and more flexible in how work gets done.

(It’s what I got, too!)

If you missed it, you can play to find your “dream client” type here.

But my real question is…

Are you working with any of your “dream” clients now, Nancy?

I ask because, in my 36+ years of helping creatives build a business they can depend on, a lot of y’all get “stuck” taking whatever comes along.

Just the other day, a coaching client told me:

“I’ve always been in reaction mode, taking whatever comes along for more than 20 years. There’s been no intention in where I wanted to take the business. I have taken so much for granted… but it’s time for that to stop.”

For years, she had plenty of work. Clients and projects would trickle in through word of mouth – just enough to get by, but lately the “trickle” has dried up.

That’s why I insist (sometimes a bit vehemently) that “Word of Mouth” is not a marketing method. You just can’t depend on it to build your business.

Yes, it feels good – lucky, even – when work drops in your lap. And it’s nice to be busy without having to market yourself.

But it’s also very precarious – especially now that companies are turning to AI.

Here’s the stark reality: if you want predictable income, gracious clients who pay on time and a schedule full of projects you love…

Then you need to go get them, rather than waiting for them to find you.

I also think taking word of mouth is kind of like rejecting yourself. Watch as I explain how in today’s “Where Are All The Good Clients?” Minisode:

Watch here.

So how do you stop taking whatever comes along and go get clients and projects that you truly care about?

Step one is to figure out what kinds of clients and projects you want (if you’re not sure, identify what you don’t want first).

Then, start keeping a list of those you feel inspired to help.

You see, if you’ve been stuck in reaction mode for a while, you may not know who you feel inspired to help right away. So you have to listen inside yourself.

That’s where a lot of people get paralyzed – which is why I’m using AI to help.

With the right prompts, AI can help you figure out exactly which clients are right for you – and even locate the very people you should reach out to.

Author: Ilise Benun

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Ilise Benun is the founder of Marketing-Mentor.com, the go-to online resource for creative professionals who want better projects with bigger budgets. She is a national speaker and the author of 7 business books, including The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money. She is a business coach and adjunct faculty Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a Program Partner for HOW Design Live and host of The HOW Design Live podcast. Follow her on Twitter @ilisebenun, subscribe to the MarketingMentorPodcast.com and sign up for her Quick Tips here: www.marketing-mentortips.com

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