Podcast Checklist

You’ve landed a guest spot on a podcast, now what?

You’re being tapped for your expertise on a podcast! Congrats. Being recognized for your skills and insights is a milestone. But even better is you’ll have more content to add to your marketing inventory.

Content marketing depends heavily on creativity and can be a hurdle that most of us face. The challenge is not only finding the time but also figuring out the fine balance in creating messaging that not only serves your audience but also promotes your business. 

What’s great about podcasts is how they literally speak directly to the listener.

You’d think that because they have such an impact there would be a reason to create your own. But here’s the rub, you’d need to do it well and that requires effort, skills, and time. Not everyone is cut out for the task. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into an established podcast that allows you to reach audiences outside your immediate circle of influence. Which honestly is the smarter move in the long run.

Here is a checklist to make the most of the opportunity:

  1. Be intentional with the conversation. Make sure you have determined the niche audience you will be reaching. What and how will your insights and services fit their needs? How can you speak directly to them? And then, what can say that will leave them wanting to learn more? 
  2. Connect with the podcaster in advance. If they haven’t already outlined what they are planning the focus of the discussion to be, reach out. Make sure that you will both get value from the conversation.
  3. Provide deliverables! Provide the host with quality graphics and specific links that they can use in their marketing. Examples such as a good headshot and a specific landing page created for their audience are ideal.
  4. Offer value. Whether you have a whitepaper or a download that the audience would be interested in, or a promo code custom to the podcast, make sure you can track the engagement.
  5. Get a transcript of the discussion. The host may have that as part of their production, and if not, request a copy of the audio download so you can arrange to get it transcribed. Whether you go old school or use an app like otter.ai the copy is content gold.
  6. Promote. Promote. Promote. Let’s be honest, the benefit for the podcast to bring in guests is that they’d like a connection to your circle of influence, so give it to them. Make them happy. In the process, you are giving your own audience a new way to hear your ideas and message. Ask them to send you any of their marketing graphics so you can share on your platforms. Talk about the experience in your marketing newsletter, and even add it as a highlight in your LinkedIn profile.

Marketing yourself is never complete. Once you complete one task, there is always another to take on. There are so many avenues to use a guest podcast opportunity, it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Written by Crystal Reynolds

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